1-2 October 2024
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
FinTech Summit
FinTech Summit
Where innovation meets purpose
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1 - 2 October 2024 | Kuala Lumpur
Sow, Grow, Scale: Financing Food Security Initiatives
An SC-Led Initiative where entrepreneurs meet visionary investors
16 August 2024 | Securities Commission Malaysia
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From 2014 to 2022, SCxSC held flagship annual conferences, showcasing the SC’s digital initiatives and latest global fintech trends.

Building on this success, the team has reimagined SCxSC, evolving it into a dynamic series of targeted, themed events throughout the year, designed to delve deeper into the industry’s most pressing topics.

Our Objectives

Our Programmes
To foster effective policymaking and synergistic collaboration, we have developed six dynamic programmes under the SCxSC banner. Each is designed with unique objectives to bring together all relevant parties and drive impactful innovation in the capital market ecosystem.

Views from the Top
High-level dialogues with C-suite executives to uncover opportunities, share case studies, address challenges and chart the path forward for emerging tech in the capital market.

Innopolicy Roundtable
Focused roundtables on specific policy domains to gather industry feedback, aiming for targeted outcomes that shape effective policymaking.

Pitch & Match
A matching platform that connects diverse stakeholders in the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and the exchange of innovative solutions.

Tech Vault
An ideation launchpad designed to source innovative ideas, address challenges and create new opportunities in the market.

A transformative capacity programme to enhance technical capabilities, fostering understanding of new tech and navigating their opportunities and risks effectively.

Fintech Summit
Join our flagship natiowide fintech summit, showcasing a rich array of tech demos, roundtables, exhibitions, keynote presentations and panel. All at the forefront of fintech innovation for the capital market.
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SCxSC Timeline

SCxSC GROW Workshop
Understand financing challenges in agriculture sector and explore potential roles of alternative financing in addressing the financing needs.
Reshaped from one big conference to a series of smaller and targeted events.
SCxSC Grow FinTech Conference
- Build a flow of investment-ready agribusinesses
- Educate, simplify, connect
- Boost confidence and promote trust in the agriculture sector
Catalyse growth in alternative financing that can serve businesses in the Agri Sector. MyCIF?
Malaysia Fintech Summit
AI, Web3, Regtech, Cyber security
Scaling up to multiple holistic programmes.
Upcoming Events

16 August 2024
A platform connecting agriculture businesses with potential investors through pitching sessions.

19 August 2024
Pitch & Match – Regtechs for Compliance and Risk Management
A platform connecting regtech solution providers with SC regulated companies through tech demo sessions.

1 - 2 October 2024
Fintech Summit
A nationwide fintech conference by the SC. It features a variety of programs, including tech demos, roundtables, exhibitions, keynote speeches, presentations, and panels.
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